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Gate Faq

Welcome to our gate pricing tool. To get started, we will ask some basic questions:

  1. What kind of gate do you want?

Thanks for checking out our gate options! Feel free to read through the options we offer and look at some picture in the gallery below. After you are done, fill out a form and we will reach out to you in regards to your gate! We will either be able to quote you over email or schedule a meeting to check out the gates in person. 


There are an impressive amount of different types of gates that can be built. Since certain types of gates require specific equipment and expertise, we offer only a select variety of gates and materials. This page is designed to explain which gates we do offer and give you a few visual examples of gates we have previously built. You can read through the text below or just choose a picture from below!

Styles we offer:

- Traditional Wood: Dog Ear, Cap&Trim, Flat Top

- Modern Wood: Horizontal, Vertical Slat

- Vinyl: White Privacy or White Picket

- Custom Wood: X-Fence, Hogwire

- Gates with Metal Frames (visible from backside)

Styles we don't offer:

- Arch Gates (in most cases)

- Wrought Iron or Metal Picket

- Custom Milled Wood (these look like a real door)

- Custom Color Vinyl

- Electronic Entry Systems

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