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Local Tree Renewal

The Urban Forest 

Every tree has a unique lifecycle. Unfortunately for most trees on our city streets and parks, they need to get cut down once they get too old or become a liability to pedestrians or property damage. Most of those trees end up as firewood, mulch, or in landfills. One of the largest tree maintenance companies in the state has recognized that much of the wood ending up in landfills is beautiful, old growth redwood, cedar, ash, or eucalyptus that can be used for something better.

A Second Life

We have partnered up with these tree-hugging, chainsaw wielding lumberjacks to create a second home for our street trees in the form of a beautiful fence or gate. While cutting down trees, they will tag and separate the best trees to be up-cycled, drive them to their yard in order to start the process of drying and milling the trees. Once the wood is dried and cut, we pick them up and use them to build a completely unique, stunning fence.

The Local Fence

Every tree in this program has a unique story - some lived in the magic of Disneyland for decades, others grew up on PCH and got to watch our surfers catch legendary waves, and still others might have been planted in the same zip code as you live right now. We want to weave each of these backgrounds into your fence or gate and create a perfectly unique story for your yard from trees that were locally grown.

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Let's Build a Fence!

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