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Thanks for checking out our gate options! Click through the options in the gallery below to see our past projects. After you're done, submit a contact form to let us know what kind of gate you would like and a team member will be in touch!


about our gates

When it comes to gates, there is a huge variety to choose from. At Mike's Fences, we specialize in installing a few types of gates and our professional staff ensure your gate will fit securely and look amazing. Let us know if you want to see some pricing!

Gate Gallery

Some things to consider:

What is the look I am going for? What is the primary goal of the gate? 
We build a lot of traditional gates that will attractively blend into your home or more modern gates that will make your neighbors do a double-take every time they drive by. In any case, the gate will function as a layer of security to your home.

What is my budget for the project?
Our most budget-friendly gates are the Dog Ear and Cap&Trim styles, while Horizontal gates with custom welded frames tend to require a larger investment.

How big do I need my gate?
Gates over 48" wide we will generally recommend a custom welded metal frame for structural support. Usually trash cans will fit through an opening of 42".

What is my layout? 
Check out the diagram below to think about how a gate will fit into your home.

Gate Layout

ready for a gate consultation? 

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