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Cap & Trim Cedar Fence in Costa Mesa.HEIC


When it comes to gates, there is a huge variety to choose from. At Mike’s Fences, we specialize in installing a few types of gates and our professional staff ensure your gate will fit securely and look amazing. Let us know if you want to see some pricing!


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Click through the gallery to find your gate.

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Read “Things to consider” to help make an informed decision.

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Want to view more options? Toggle between the Modern and Traditional buttons.

Traditional anchor

Horizontal or Vertical slats



Cap & Trim or Dog Ear

Add-ons are a great way to take a gate to the next level.

  • Metal frames dramatically increase the strength and longevity of the gate.

  • Stain/paint can make the wood pop.

  • Handles add functionality and style.

Gate Add-ons

Gate Add-ons

Things to consider:


  • What is the look I am going for? What is the primary goal of the gate? 
    We build a lot of traditional gates that will attractively blend into your home or more modern gates that will make your neighbors do a double-take every time they drive by. In any case, the gate will function as a layer of security to your home.

  • What is my budget for the project?
    Our most budget-friendly gates are the Dog Ear and Cap&Trim styles, while Horizontal gates with custom welded frames tend to require a larger investment.

  • How big do I need my gate?
    Gates over 48" wide we will generally recommend a custom welded metal frame for structural support. Usually trash cans will fit through an opening of 42".

  • What is my layout? 
    Check out the diagram below to think about how a gate will fit into your home.


Gate Layout
Gate: Things to consider
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