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The Glass Hybrid

One of our more interactive and creative projects to date, we spent hours designing this fence to find the right balance of privacy in the right places, openness to magnify the beautiful view, and elegance that will last for years. Indonesian Hardwood planks with Tempered Glass inserts on top. We also built a custom hog-wire dog run for our customer's fun, large dog in a way that kept her pup contained in one place but also allowed him to interact with the humans in the rest of the yard!

Hillside Horizontal

Our customer had a grand vision on what they wanted to accomplish with this fence that would end up spanning over 325 feet up and down a steep slope. With hundreds of different types of conifers individually tagged throughout the property, we wanted something that would match the rustic, woodsy nature of the existing landscape yet would also feel contemporary and beautiful. We also needed to design the fence to track closely to the ground up and down the incline to provide a great barrier for their dogs to play freely and give the home another layer of safety. 

Ipe Composite

As an architect, our customer had a detailed vision for his fence and siding. Instead of using wood, he opted for a composite decking material called Fiberon. The end result gave his house a modern, elegant look while also providing privacy. In addition to the fence, we also built a facade on existing siding, which popped quite nicely next to the rest of the white paint. 

Laguna Beach Wood

Quite rare to find down in Orange County, our customer wanted to create a custom grape stake fence at their home in Laguna Beach. Grape stake is a material that has a mind of its own - it varies in thickness, makes twists and turns unexpectedly, and no two pieces are alike. However, the end result is tough to argue with: deep textured ridges in the wood, rich color, and a certain wildness to it that all creates a stunning fence. Great project to work on.


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