Here are our most popular materials for Horizontal Fences.


Our most budget friendly horizontal fence. 

  • Naturally resilient to elements

  • Knotty, giving it a natural woody feel

  • Colors range from whites, browns, and occasionally light reds

  • Looks fantastic with a coat of stain

Indo Hardwood

Modern look offering a lot of flexibility for your desired color.

  • Naturally resilient to elements

  • No knots resulting in a really clean finish.

  • Color can vary from whites to reds

  • Easily stained for a variety of looks


Premium wood.

  • Storied to last over 100 years

  • Extremely dense and heavy

  • No knots

  • Dark brown with red undertones


One of our few non-wood fences! 

  • Naturally resilient to elements

  • Will retain color

  • Pretty wide variety of finish and colors to choose from, all impacting cost


Hardwood variety.

  • Very dense and long lasting

  • No knots

  • Naturally a golden, orange hue 

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