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Traditional fences

Here are our most popular styles and materials for our Traditional Fences. We recommend Redwood or Cedar with Pressure Treated posts.


Dog Ear

The tried and true wood fence. This is one of our most affordable fence options. Let it patina naturally or throw a coat of stain on for a fresh look.



Prized for its ability to withstand weather and time without really aging, vinyl is a great fit for certain homes. We offer full privacy and semi-privacy (think picket fence) options in white or creme.


Cap & Trim

Classic look. Fence is "Good Neighbor" meaning it appears finished on both sides. A fresh coat of paint or nice stain will dress this fence up quite nicely.


Board on Board

Board on Board is a great option for traditional wood fence. The reason to overlap boards is so that there are no gaps in the fence (after the wood shrinks). It also adds a nice element of depth to the fence.